Flute Playing for Doublers

In this one-hour clinic we will address issues specific to flute playing for doublers. The clinic is divided into three separate parts;

Tone, Posture and Breathing- We will discuss breathing and instrument position to get the optimal sound as well as making sure there are no injuries. We will look at exercises using the players vocal chords, overtones, vowel shape and jaw movement designed to improve the player’s control and versatility as well as intonation and sound. We will discuss ways to practice in the different ranges of the flute to get the best possible tone out of each octave.

Embouchure and Articulation- We will discuss how flute articulation and embouchure differs from reed instruments how to transition from one to the other. We will also discuss how to practice precision and groove with the different embouchure and pressure. We will discuss different options for articulations depending on what style you are playing.

Expression- We will discuss the production of vibrato, ornaments and dynamics in both written and improvised music, and address the issues presented by the flute with specific exercises.

Participants in the clinic will be given a handout with all the information and exercises covered in the class as well as recommendations for continued study.