Musical Projects

Nilsson leads her original project the Elsa Nilsson Quintet that is a tour de force, mixing personality and tradition to take the listener on a journey through sounds from Brazil, Cuba, Spain, Turkey, and the Baltic countries, all mixed with Swedish traditional music.

Far Cry Flutes is a project spearheaded by Elsa Nilsson and Jessica Lurie. It is a flute Quartet that plays original compositions and arrangements of standards driven by rhythm.

Cowherd/Nilsson Duo this duo plays original compositions by both composers. They have also been known to throw in some other surprises as well.


Aside from the projects Nilsson spearheads she has also been featured in a variety of groups as a sidewoman. These include:

Michael Sarian and the Chabones

Jann Klose

The Wendy Hackett Band

The Seattle Rock Orchestra

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