Jon Cowherd and Elsa Nilsson Duo

Swedish-born flute player Elsa Nilsson’s music is profoundly playful and widely influenced. “The beauty of music is how it transcends cultural boundaries,” states Nilsson. She highlights this in her compositions by mixing cultural elements to create a sound that is distinctly her own. Nilsson has built a solid career and reputation upon her belief that all folk music (including jazz) has a common thread, and that by weaving those threads together, a deeper, more complete understanding among varying cultures can be reached.

The Kentucky-born, New Orleans-schooled, New York-based pianist Jon Cowherd is best known for his long-running partnership with drummer/bandleader Brian Blade, with whom he co-founded the Brian Blade Fellowship, The Fellowship’s highly acclaimed albums showcase Cowherd’s stellar keyboard work and singular compositional skills. When not recording and touring with the Fellowship, Cowherd has worked extensively with a broad array of musicians from the jazz, pop and rock worlds.

Together, Nilsson and Cowherd weave a rich musical tapestry with inspiration from both of their diverse musical backgrounds.

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