Pre-Order “Salt Wind”


I was devastated by this election. Not only by the outcome, but by the incredibly negative campaigns. The amount of hate and fear left me feeling hollow. I had two choices; give up or dig deeper to create art with more love and humanity than ever before. I strongly believe that music heals and can be a common ground between otherwise disparate cultures, and alongside a slew of activist work, I feel that music and art is the best way for me to create something positive.

That being said, I have a new record coming out March 3rd 2017! It draws from all the influences I treasure including Jazz, Rock, Swedish traditional music, Bulgarian, Brazilian, African, and Syrian melodies and grooves. My intention was not to try to create an authentic example of any of these styles, but rather to be genuinely and openly influenced by them and express them in my own way. I feel this record has done just that.

The record is named “Salt Wind” and even though it is not coming out until March, I am thrilled to share with you that you can pre-order it right now on PledgeMusic! By pre-ordering the album you will become a part of the process of creating it. You’ll receive the singles early, be sent a download of the full record early and get physical copies of your signed CD or Vinyl weeks before the release, not to mention all of the little exclusives that will be also available during the pre-order run.

I am so grateful to be able to share my music with you both through studio recordings and live performance.

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