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P2 Jazzradio Sweden

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WNMC 90.7 FM

Jazz And Blues Tour, Netherlands



February 16th, 2017, Live interview on “Boogie Wonderland” with Nick Davies. Radio Winchcombe, UK

December 3rd, 2015, Live Radio interview on “Out To Lunch” WKCR 98.9 FM New York

November 28th, 2014, WBKM Burlington, VT.

August 23rd, 2013, Recording of live interview for Nordic Roots and Branches

July 9th, 2011, Nordic Roots and Branches


Quotes From Radio Hosts:

“Elsa Nilsson and her new CD “Salt Wind” have reached The Netherlands and we can proud of it…. Why?
It is a surprising and very skillfully played CD with great arrangements and variety.  For instance; “Tine Bridges, Homemade Islands” which is a marvelous track #1 for this CD. Will the music on this CD be too modern? Hm, good question but everyone with an open mind for great talent will like and cherish this CD. Perhaps one or the other track needs some getting used to but then you can also experience this as a learning curve in enjoying this music.
Elsa took a big step in making this CD and deserves, with her musicians,  the respect and attention from many many music-lovers and therefore I am wishing them good luck with all.”
-Joost van Steen, Host/producer Jazz & Blues Tour For Studio Alphen 90.0FM in The Netherlands

“Elsa Nilsson is my favorite flutist of the Twenty First Century. She just blew my mind playing live with Amanda Ruzza on Som do Brasil at WKCR NY . From Jazz to the Folklore of Northern Europe nothing can stop her; she will go on. Next stop- Brasil!”

-Jassvan DeLima, producer and Host – Som do Brasil WKCR-FM 89.9 NY


“On Elsa Nilsson’s new cd Salt Wind, she takes her formidable jazz flute talents to new heights. From the luscious harmonies of the opening strains of Tiny Bridges, Homemade Islands, you will be all in. This jazz piece with its twist of lime will hijack you to your happy place. Shift suggests Sweden’s X2000 Supertrain – fast, unrelenting, efficient; guaranteed to get you where you want to go. Someone for Something brings it down a notch with a taste of “vemod” – that Swedish term that can only be translated as “sweet sadness”. Inside Brooklyn Thunder is the perfect afterhours soundtrack – Nilsson seduces with her lush rhythms. Hedning is a very satisfying exploration into new territory for Nilsson, perhaps a rock tribute to its namesake “heathen”, with mystifying vocals and a positively smoking flute line. Nilsson channels Swedish jazz legend Jan Johansson as she retools traditional Swedish folk tunes in the modern vernacular. One of three such works on this cd is Staffan’s Visa, a Christmas staple in Sweden.  St. Stephen, Christianity’s first martyr, may be anticipating his fate in this dusky masterpiece. Continuum has a catchy vibe that will carry you along at a dizzying pace and then slow down to look at the scenery before revving things up again. The Swedish lullaby Byssan Lull is reworked from its original here with powerful rock and jazz elements.  Salt Wind plays out with a most tasty interpretation of Lucia, (the Venetian barcarolle adopted by Sweden as its now ubiquitous winter anthem), which is sure to top your holiday jazz mix. With Nilsson’s masterly and ingenious flute work, her accomplished fellow musicians, and flat out solid tunes, Salt Wind is guaranteed to blow you away.”


Karen Pauley, host Nordic Roots and Branches

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