Recording Time!!!

Elsa_FluxStudios_EmailRESTonight my band and I head up to Woodstock for 3 days of uninterrupted music making at Applehead Studios. I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am! This record is the culmination of three years of building an artistic vision for my instrument that takes the flute out of its usual boxes. With the help of the fantastic fellows in my band I have been exploring new avenues for expression as well as combining new and old influences. We will be recording original jazz and arrangements of Swedish traditionals with influences ranging from Brazil to Syria. I can honestly say that the music sounds exactly how I want it to and I cannot wait to put it to tape (quite literally, we will be using some straight to 2 track tape) and share it with you.

Speaking of sharing, I would love to invite you along to share the experience of music making in real time from the studio. I will be posting lots to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter! Feel free to follow and comment, it makes it seem like you are there with us. There will even be some live streams, Facebook permitting. The studio has goats. There will be pictures of the goats.

It is immensely humbling to have an artistic vision and have so many talented people come together to make it happen. I feel so lucky! 

Stay in touch, I want you along for the ride!

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