Summer Is Here!

photo: Butter Hu

Thank you so much to everyone who made it out to our performance at the 55 bar on June 26th. It was an amazing evening, and I am so grateful to have gotten to share it with you. And to Hot House Jazz for their wonderful write up. The 55 bar is one of my favorite clubs in New York City, you will find me there often listening to music. I love the place because of its tradition of musicians stretching themselves to their limits and beyond. It makes for a wonderful place to both hear and play music.  

Now, Summer is really here! And with it, lots of concerts. Beginning with this Wednesday, July 5th, 7 pm, for Wave Hill Park’s Sunset Wednesdays Series. My incredible friend Elizagrace Madrone and I have been working together on a brand new set of music inspired by our idea of what the grown up versions of Cicely Mary Baker’s flower Faeries mixed with the wives from Mad Max for this performance. Elizagrace has been crafting poems from the perspective of wild plants that I have been using as inspiration and lyrics for these new pieces. I cannot wait to debut this music at Wave Hill’s spectacular setting! This is one of the quartet’s rare all ages shows as well, so bring your kids and your parents.

Later that same evening I will be performing live on Som Do Brazil with The Mateadors. We will play some of our new music and talk about it live on the air, so tune in to WKCR at 11 pm Eastern time to check it out!

July 10th, 6 pm the Mateadors will be playing at Rockwood Music Hall, stage 1. Come dance it up in odd times to songs about Muay Thai, Beaches and Birds!

July 16th, 6 pm the Elsa Nilsson Quartet will be back at Rockwood Music Hall, stage 1 playing our original jazz and arrangements of Swedish Folk Music.

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