Joining the Trevor James Flute Family



The first time I played a Trevor James Alto flute was in high school. It just fit.  It was one of those love at first note moments. When I moved to Seattle I got one for my own and have played it every day since. I am exceedingly thrilled to announce that today I have been officially added to the Trevor James Flute family. Check out their Facebook Post!

Screen shot 2015-03-23 at 12.26.34 PM


Also for your enjoyment, here is a video of my band and I playing Gläns Över sjö och Strand form the EP “Växer”. Sign up for the email list to get a free download of the whole EP!

Växer EP Release

Växer EP Artwork_RESIZE
Spring is in the air. I can’t wait! It’s making me want to play all the spring music I know again. Such as my stack of Brazilian choro music and “Vårvindar Friska” from “Already There Yet”. This winter has been rough for everybody, and I am ready to not have to bike in snow covered bike lanes any longer. I love seeing the beginning of things growing. Seeing greenery breaking out into the world after being covered in snow and ice gives me hope. There is something about the resilience of seeds that inspire me to keep growing.

For me, sharing my music with you is not unlike watching a seed grow. It is immensely rewarding, but its also not an exaggeration to say I spend hours on every detail of the process. Over the last few months I have been working on an EP of 5 of my favorite songs to play with my band. We recorded them in December, and now they are ready to share with you. Two of the songs are originals and three are Swedish traditionals I arranged. Two of the songs have vocals. The band poured their thoughtful ideas into this as well and this resulted in a recording I am very happy with and oh so excited to share with you!

The EP will be released this Saturday, March 14th. It will be available for sale on CD Baby- keep an eye on Facebook for the link. More to the point, we are doing a release party at Rockwood Music Hall, stage 2. Everyone who comes will receive a free download of the EP. The party is on at 7 pm, March 14th. I hope to see you there!