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Current Projects

Working with other artists, whether on music or across mediums helps me grow as a musician, an artist, and as a human. To see what I am working on right now, take a look at the project sites below, or if you have a project you’d like to involve me in, please reach out!


Growing up my music teachers were far more to me than educators. They were guides in discovering who I was and what my place is in the world. I feel that I have an ethical obligation to pay that gift forward to my students. Helping a student at any level get a little bit closer to who they want to be in relation to music and their instrument gives me a deep sense of joy.

I work with students at all ages and levels on an individual and group basis, as well as provide clinics and classroom lessons. I am also very excited to share that I’m currently working on a collection of online videos to provide additional tools and learning aids!